Pastor Appreciation
What is Lift? 
October is Pastor Appreciation month and Lift is an initiative that is designed to honor pastors just like you! Just as Moses had Aaron and Hur to lift him up, we believe you could benefit from being lifted up as well. Some of the latest research indicates that the “downstream” symptoms of ministry stress and challenges are greatly impacting pastors and their families. Some of these symptoms include: 
The "Downstream" symptoms of pastoral stress and challenges include these:
  • 50% of Pastor's Marriages end in divorce
  • 18,000 ministers annually leave the ministry due to burnout, termination, moral/marital issues
  • 80% of minister's spouses wish their spouse would choose another profession
"Upstream" the Lift Pastor Appreciation initiative is designed to see God raise up your congregation as an "Aaron and Hur" to lift up God's servants as they: 
  • Love the Lord & Love their spouse
  • Love their children
  • Love the church
  • Lovingly witness

three Gifts for you:

  • Reboot Mobile Resources- As an expression of affirmation to you, your calling and as a blessing to your marriage and family; we would like to provide you with free mobile resources and access to ministry discounts for your own get- away retreat. These mobile resources and ministry discounts are a part of the Lift Pastors Appreciation initiative and brought to you by the Great Commandment Network and their Reboot Leaders resource team. Restart, refresh and re-energize through these mobile relationship experiences. Download the Reboot Spiritual Life, Reboot Marriage and Courageous Dads mobile resources to view these one-year renewal strategies.
Reboot Spiritual Life
Reboot Marriage
Courageous Dads
  • Minister Discounts at local Bed and Breakfasts- We recommend using the Reboot mobile resources as a part of your own getaway retreat. Schedule your retreat at a CHN location and ask about ministry discounts. The Christian Hospitality Network is a growing network of over 700 inns, bed & breakfasts and retreat centers offering special discount rates for ministers and missionaries; the Perfect Place for a "gifted get-away" for pastor appreciation.
  • Pastor Appreciation Resources- You might also want to pass along the link below to your key, lay leaders. They will find resources for Celebrating Pastor Appreciation, including Pastor Appreciation certificates, a bulletin insert entitled, “50 Ways to Bless your Pastor”, posters and more: ***Also, we would be more than happy to send this information  to your key lay leaders. Simply, send their name and email address to and we will take it from there!