Lift for Lay Leaders
What is Lift? 
October is Pastor Appreciation month and we want to support you as you honor and affirm your pastor. Lift is an initiative designed to give you some simple strategies to encourage, bless and affirm your pastor/s. Some of the latest research indicates that the “downstream” symptoms of ministry stress and challenges are greatly impacting pastors and their families. 


1. Download the Lift flyer, poster, bulletin insert and certificate for a planning meeting with your deacons, elders, and lay leaders.  Schedule the appreciation event, service, reception and promote through posters after editing to include ministers and family names plus date of appreciation event.  Click Here for resources.
2. (Optional) Purchase a VISA gift card at any local retail store, which is good at any of the hundreds of the Christian owned inns and bed and breakfasts who are part of the Christian Hospitality Network. Click Here to find a CHN location for special pastor discounts from 25-50% off, Sun-Thursday nights are typical; A $300-500 gift card would typically cover a multi-night stay giving your ministry couple the blessing of selecting the Bed and Breakfast location that best fits.
3. Download the Reboot Spiritual Life, Reboot Marriage, and Courageous Dads mobile resources to familiarize yourself and then assist your ministers to do the same; these apps are ideal self-directed resources for their Reboot Retreat.
  • Reboot Mobile Resources- As an expression of affirmation to your pastor and as a blessing to their marriage and family; we would like to provide them with free mobile resources and access to ministry discounts for their own get-away retreat. These mobile resources and ministry discounts are a part of the Lift Pastors Appreciation initiative and brought to you by the Great Commandment Network and their Reboot Leaders resource team. Restart, refresh and re-energize through these mobile relationship experiences. Download the Reboot Spiritual Life, Reboot Marriage and Courageous Dads mobile resources to view these one-year renewal strategies.


Reboot Spiritual Life
Reboot Marriage
Courageous Dads
4. Now celebrate, affirm and honor your servants and their families! At your Appreciation Event, present the Appreciation Certificate after editing with names.